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Merchant Accounts
We understand that many charities are not familiar with the process of establishing their own internet merchant account and thus we're happy to assist you in this endeavor as it truly can become quite overwhelming!
We've partnered with Capital Bankcard to offer you the most competitive merchant rates available and can also offer you the authorize.net payment gateway.  Capital BankCard is a leader in the credit card processing industry and together with our nonprofit volume, we can offer our clients a complete internet merchant account solution with special pre-negotiated nonprofit rates along with a simple and fast approval process!  Please contact us for a rate quote as you won't be disappointed!  As a charitable organization, you deserve the best rates out there but even more importantly, you deserve uncompromising customer service as well.  Let us help you navigate and prosper within the world of online fundraising! 
If you already have a merchant provider, we encourage you to inquire and compare rates.  Should you find better rates, please let us know! 
Benefits of obtaining your own internet merchant account include:


         Immediate access to your funds - an internet merchant account allows you direct access to your money in real time.  We do not hold your money and then send you a check after the fact.  Instead, money is deposited directly into your merchant account which means those funds are sitting in your bank account usually within 48 hours (normal time frame for merchant house clearing). 


         Earn interest income depending on your volume or the size of your events, you may want to consider designating an interest bearing bank account for depositing your electronic funds.  No sense in allowing an outside vendor to hold your money while they earn interest instead of you! 


         Portray a professional image when your constituents make an online transaction, the name of YOUR charity will appear on their credit card statement and NOT some unknown third party name thus further ensuring to your constituents that their money benefited your organization as intended! 


         Generation of e-tax receipts money deposited directly into an internet merchant account belonging to a tax exempt 501-c-3 organization is allowed by the IRS to generate e-tax receipts instantaneously when the online donation is processed.  This further promotes a positive donation experience to the donor while reducing your administrative load.